Alisha J.

Year 2018
Courses : B.Des Interior Design

About my collection

The Good Life
Use design to empower people to better prevent, detect, treat and possibly reverse lifestyle-related health conditions. Good Life For Residents of Bhiwandi In this busy world as human beings, we can only live indoors for so long. At some point, we need space to interact, to have fun, to gather with our family friends. The connection between nature and humans is deteriorating each day due to our advanced lifestyle. Public places and recreational spaces thus become important for the people to find relief from their stressful routines whilst enjoying the beauty of nature around them. But a few small industrial towns have a lack of such places. People living in such areas have no such outdoor recreational place where they can go and relax, or hangout with their family or friends. People living in such industrial areas only have an indoor life. They have to travel to their neighbouring towns or city for simple activities like watching a movie, or having dinner in a good restaurant or to have a good nature walk. One of those places is Bhiwandi! Though having a population of 1,125,898, this place doesn’t have any recreational space where people can hangout or carry out their hobbies to break their stressful routines. As a space solution for this problem, my idea is to create a recreational space in a small town like Bhiwandi. This space will provide people space to enjoy their hobbies in their leisure time or interact with others, exercise, make new friends and also relax.This solution can be used in small towns like Bhiwandi, Roha, Chakan,Umbergoan,etc where a recreational space is have become a necessity.

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