Recent Trends in Digital Marketing

On 25th July 2020, the department of Digital Marketing and Transformation organised another enlightening session on Recent Trends in Digital Marketing for its students. The Guests for this Webinar were Co-founders of StoyMirror, Mr Bibhu Datta Rout and Mr Hitesh Jain. 

 Mr Bibhu Datta Rout shared his wisdom about the new trends in the industry and how we can use them in our organisation. He introduced us with the new concepts of Periodic Table of Marketing Attribution and Essential tools required for Digital marketing.  

Mr Hitesh Jain talked about his experience with StoryMirror and taught us about how they use different digital marketing techniques to market their company. He showed us how StoryMirror ranks on all the keywords and shared his techniques with us.  

We learnt how Growth hacking techniques and Building a community work for digital marketing. We also learned how a creator will always have an upper hand over a distributor.  

The session was very informative and taught us about many new things that would be very helpful in our future as a digital marketer.